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The Strength of privacy
Our State-of-art Xgard privacy mesh offers you the ultimate in privacy.

Harmony and strength
The durability and strength of Xgard is enhanced by its important features. It limits rainwater from entering the house, and when closing the door, the mesh has less vibration, all working in harmony or the ultimate in privacy and tranquility.

Australian standards tests passed:
Anti-Jemmy Test (AS5039 - 2008)
Pull Test (AS5039 - 2008)
Knife Sheae Test (AS5039 - 2008)
Impact Test (AS5039 - 2008)

Aluminium Mesh Specification:
Our high quality aluminium 2mm thickness.

Ultimate view and safety
Our exclusive Xgard mesh design ensures you can see outside, but it limits the field of vision for those looking in, offering you peace of mind and safety, as illustrated below.